Each pleases – in its own way

Ambience and facilities

The rooms are furnished with carefully restored furniture from the region and individually combined with modern elements. Antique Maiolica floorboards, laid using Cocciopesto technique, give each room its individual touch. In the colder seasons, a small “Camino” fire with olive wood conveys warmth and romance in each room.


  • All guest rooms dispose of: Floor cooling and heating for pleasant room temperature
  • High Speed Internet via Wifi
  • Fireplace “Camino”
  • Small desk
  • Shower & Toilet bidet
  • Minibar, safe

Doppio or Superiore – the choice is yours

There are possibilities of combining both formats through a connecting door.

All “Balcone” double rooms have two balconies each. These offer a beautiful view of the evergreen olive grove and unobstructed view of the surrounding area and the nearby sea.

All “Giardinos” have a covered outdoor lounge for rest and relaxation, with view to the olive grove with its impressive Secolare olive trees.

All “Giardinos” have plenty of room to relax in the outdoor area with a covered lounge with a sunbathing area. Unobstructed view of the olive grove with Secolare olive trees and the “Campagna” lined with dry stone walls.

Private large terrace with a covered lounge, overlooking the olive grove and uninterrupted views of the surrounding area and the nearby sea.