Sanus per aquam – health through water

Even the ancient Romans knew about the calming and at the same time invigorating effect of the bath. The sottomasi spa follows this tradition as an oasis of holistic well-being and natural relaxation. Whirlpool, steam bath and a “doccia emozionale” make it easy for visitors to create their own individual wellness programme.

Whirlpool with waterfall

As soon as you are in the whirlpool, the sore muscles from bending are loosened, the blood circulation improves, the joints are relieved and pleasant relaxation sets in. The prelude to an invigorating course through three very different stations – finely tuned to each other and rounded off with a calming sinking down on a comfortable resting couch. Accompanied by homemade tea from young olive leaves and taralli “fatto in casa”.

Doccia Emozionale - relaxation emotional

The interplay of water, aromas and colours, as well as the change of the water jet, hot or cold, strong or gentle, trigger emotions and intense moments of physical well-being. Under coloured rain, waterfall, mist and fog we feel positive energy, emotions increase this state of total well-being and relaxation.

Steam bath strengthens and invigorates body and mind

Warm steam unfolds a cleansing and deeply relaxing effect. Heat reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and relaxes the muscles. The skin is revitalised, the mind is awake and the circulation is strengthened. All you have to do as a guest is: take enough time!

Investing with pleasure - in your own health

Your Private Spa

The facility is generously proportioned and designed for the use of two people as a private spa and is available by reservation. Specific treatments and applications are organised on request and, together with refreshments and other attentions, become an experience for all the senses.


Groups of 4 to 5 people will find their atmospheric refuge for meditation, yoga and similar activities in the softly lit room with the warm colours of the tufa stone. Equipped with changing room and shower.


For most spa lovers, the 18-metre pool is a unique addition. Many times a few lengths of swimming are the real highlight of their wellness programme – marvelled at by secolari olive trees that are several hundred years old!