Avanti – sei pronto?

Discovering the diversity and charm of Apulia is a never-ending experience: 800 kilometres of beach and sea, countless osterias and ristoranti, world-famous wines, unknown specialities, historic sites and hip beach clubs, and so on. Always accompanied by the warm hospitality of the locals. In the morning for an espresso in the bar, through the day with pleasure, culture, sports or games, at the aperitivo with negroni and taralli, at the passegiatta in the early evening and under luna piena through the night.

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Inspiration à dis­cré­ti­on

Memories can be as vivid as the experience itself. That is why we as hosts have set out to make the stay an experience for every visitor. On a day trip, a side trip, a flying visit, in guided company or alone on a discovery tour. Visits to historical places, strolls through picturesque old towns, detours to the farmers' market, day trips with everything that goes with it in the south, strolling around shopping in Bari or Lecce. We are happy to help you organize your stay according to your own taste – as an inspirer, as an organizer and also as a companion.

Towns and cities, alleys and corners


Alberobello is a town between Bari and Brindisi. The town is known nationwide for its trulli – small, mostly white round houses – which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Martina Franca

Martina Franca, known for its Baroque buildings, is located in the southeast of Murgia, about 30 kilometres from Taranto – right in the middle between the Ionian and Adriatic shores of Apulia.

Sounding names that all promise a lot and all deliver everything

Alberobello, Cisternino, Locorotondo, Martina Franca, Monopoli, Noci, Ostuni, Polignano – the names alone are small events: picturesque spontaneous architecture, everything whitewashed, winding and narrow, with alleys, stairs, arches, balconies, but also imposing gates, cathedrals, churches, large squares with monuments. And although all the places are similar in many ways, each place is worth a visit in its own right. All places are in the region and sottomasi is the ideal starting point for discovery. We have put together routes and tips – contact us.

Sea & Beaches

Apulia is proud of 800 kilometres of coastline with many famous beaches. From Masseria sottomasi you have the choice. The coast from Savelettri with small sandy bays and cliffs, to the sandy beaches of Capitolo. Here there is a lively beach life with many cosy ristorantes and classy beach clubs that are also open in the evenings. There is also a large water park. Or then there are the beaches of Torre Canne with a wildly romantic dune landscape and Mediterranean vegetation. Fine sandy and long beaches alternate with small bays and cliffs and bathing facilities with ristorante, umbrella and sunbed rental. Here, too, there is a lively beach life with lots of water sports such as kite and surf. How, when, where and how much – we are happy to help, just ask.

Sports · Games · Fun

There is no shortage of opportunities for all kinds of sporting activities. Our offer is limited to bikes with tips for beautiful routes. For other sports and activities, we work with local partners who have experience and modern equipment. You tell us what you want to do – we make it happen.



Padel Tennis



Mercatos · Craft · Culture & Indulgence

Weekly markets still have an important function in Italy. They usually sell a mixture of vegetables, clothes and shoes. Weekly markets can be found in all places on different days. Arts and crafts, cultural offers and good osterias. If you take your time and like to browse, you will find what you are looking for. For the tourist hotspots, especially in Ostuni and Alberobello, the rule is to look and be amazed and then look around in the neighbouring districts.

Packages / Arrangements

Day Trips